, 21. February 2017
The hundredth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Russian Art 1917 - 1932

On February 11th, an unique exhibition about the Russian Revolution of 1917 opened at the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK. The exhibition, entitled "The Revolution: Russian Art 1917 - 1932", dedicated to the centenary of the revolution in Russia, reflects the creative search of revolutionary artists in post-revolutionary years.

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The revolution in Russia was not just a historic milestone for the majority of Russians. It also represented the cultural movement of the avant-garde to socialist realism. The world press usually lists the people of that time who spread fear across the world. Nevertheless, there was also a lot of beauty! The exhibition represents one part of the history of Soviet culture. We are talking about artworks of sculpture, archive photographs and propaganda posters. The main part, however, consists of a collection of paintings by famous Soviet artists. For example artworks by Malewitsch, Kandinsky, Popowa or Chashnik. The paintings of Malevich and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin will be on show on the event venue in Smyslov.

We especially recommend to take a closer look at the painting "Dynamic Supremacism" by Kasimir Malewitsch. The artist creates a sophisticated abstract and geometric design. The organizers in this context pay attention to Malewitsch's figurative late work and his three-dimensional works, says the general manager of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

A brilliant ambitious artist of the Soviet Union and a supporter of the "Red Movement" was Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. An entire room was devoted to his artworks in the exhibition. These include, for example, the work "The Tomb of Lenin", the image "Fantasy", as well as a portrait of Lenin that originated after his death.

The Royal Academy received their exhibits from the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as out of a number of private collections. The exhibition attracted the attention of critics even before it started. It is not only for people who understand this subtle art. Moreover, it is an event for people who want to understand Russia in all its contradictions.

"This exhibition is very interesting, it asks many questions about issues of our history, and lets us understand how people reacted regarding the revolution," says Zelfira Tregulova. The event will be open until 17th April 2017. In fact, the exhibition reflects the time of the dawn in the revolution, and closes with the emergence of an integrative socialist realism.

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