St. Petersburg
, 24. February 2017
A surrealistic Classic

Preview: Salvador Dalí in St. Petersburg

If Moscow is officially the capital of Russia, then St. Petersburg is the capital of culture! Traditionally, people claim about the inhabitants of St. Petersburg that they love art most. Therefore, it is not surprising that in this great city an exhibition will soon open up for one the greatest artist of the last century - Salvador Dalí.

x-working Portrait of Salvador Dali, taken in Hôtel Meurice, Paris, taken in 1972, (c) Allan Warren
Portrait of Salvador Dali, taken in Hôtel Meurice, Paris, taken in 1972, (c) Allan Warren

The St. Petersburg Museum Faberge (Fontanka River Embankment, 21) shows the exhibition "Salvador Dalí. surrealist Classics“. It presents paintings by Salvador Dalí, as well as a variety of graphical artworks. In this large-scale exhibition, 150 masterpieces will be exhibited for the first time! A broad range of exhibits allows the visitor to follow the path from the beginning to the end of his career. Here, you can experience surrealist classics and find some of his earliest paintings - landscapes from the mid to the late 30s of the last century. The most interesting artwork out of this era is "Landscapes with mysterious Elements". Moreover, the artworks of the artist dedicated to classicism are also noteworthy. For example, there is a major project of Dalí, the "Divine Comedy", showing a series of illustrations.

The exhibition is dedicated to the genius of the Renaissance, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and shows the last works of Dalí from the early 90s. For example, we talk about the artwork "Écho géologique. La Pietà", based on the "Heads of Giuliano de Medici" from 1982. Many of Dalí´s artworks that originated during the last years have never been exhibited in Russia.

Salvador Dalí storied as one of the most important painters of the last century. His name is primarily connected to surrealism. He once said, "Surrealism - that's me." Only few people know that Dalí was also a director and a sculptor. His passion for surrealism evolved just in the late 1930s, after a visit to Italy.

The Foundation "Gala-Dalí" from El Salvador in Figueres (Spain) provided many artworks for the exhibition. In addition, other museums and private collectors made pieces available for the Faberge exhibition. The exhibition is only recommended to visitors older than 18 years. Dalí was a genius of art and creativity, however, not so suitable for young minds.

The exhibition "Salvador Dalí. Surrealist Classics" will be shown from 1st April to 2nd July 2017, the museum will be open for visitors daily from 10am to 8.45pm. You can order tickets on All tickets for the phase from 1st April to 15th May 2017 are already sold out. If you want, you can still purchase tickets for a later date of the exhibition. The ticket makes 450 Russian rubles, 200 with a discount.

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