, 13. January 2017
Inspiration through visionary Dream Worlds

Julia Pandit – Interview with a visionary Artist

She is an impressive artist who draws visions from her dreams for a better world. Julia Pandit with her label "Akhila Love" brings the higher powers of the world with fine lines onto the canvas in a remarkably symmetrical way. We introduce the visionary artist from Berlin.

x-working Julia Pandit - Visionary Artist
Julia Pandit - Visionary Artist

x-working: Please introduce yourself!
Julia: Hello, I'm Julia Pandit. This is my artist name. I have been living in Berlin for 4 years now and for the first time I have the feeling that I arrived. Before, I traveled a lot and had my homebase near Stuttgart. There, I first studied art and then fashion design. Now I am back into fine art because that is the way of my heart. I fully commited myself to this field the past years.

x-working: When did you start painting?
Julia: I was already very creative as a child. Compared to other children I always withdrew myself a lot into the creative world. I was then busy with the most diverse material, such as shoe polish or nail polish, cocoa or whatever that was (laughs). My first exhibition with paintings on canvas I had when I was 15 years old.

x-working: Your art belongs to the field of visionary art. Please describe this art style and what it means for you. How do you design?
Julia: I did not provide the title myself. I always had a lot of respect for designating my art as a visionary art. However, one has to approve that indeed it is this style. I very much focus on transcendental topics. I have always felt that there is more in the world that goes beyond our reality. So that there is something transcendental and that there are other forces in play. I want to express these forces and my dreams through my art. Dreams are the best example for the fact that there are multiple realities.

x-working: How did you get to the art style visionary art? Was there any key experience?
Julia: There are always key experiences that make you jump in the way you paint or design. Well, a key experience was definitely that I painted many dark scenes in my life. At some point, I noticed that the images surrounding me reflect back on me in a negative way. Maybe I had to become aware of my dark side as well. I then thought maybe I´d rather paint my desires or visions to see a better world or a more beautiful, colourful life. Yes, that was one of the crossroads in my painting. Another thing, of course, are influences such as expansions of consciousness. Nevertheless, here just a few magic experiences were enough to draw inspiration from it for a long time.

x-working: Are there any techniques in your art that need special attention?
Julia: Actually, not at all. I taught all this to myself. I know there are many nice techniques that one could use and which would probably simplify my painting and life so that I can get results faster. I still have to learn more. I mostly paint with acrylic colours. Spraying is fun to me and I lately have re-discovered the Polychromos wood crayons.

x-working: What are you particularly proud of in your art?
Julia: Pride is always such a word (laughs), which I do not like to say. So actually, I cannot say that I am particularly proud to be able to paint. I think it is something divine what was given to me. That is why I cannot really be proud of it. Perhaps the eye for symmetry? I´m very thankfull for this gift and I feel the need to share it.

x-working: Your label is Akhila Love. What does this name mean?
Julia: Akhila comes from Sanskrit and means "complete". It is a way of affirmation that has emerged from the desire for total love for everything and for all. When I work, I dive into this infinite feeling. Dostojewski once said: "The world will be saved by beauty." I feel the same way, no matter what others think about it, this is part of my mission.

x-working: Your label does not just include your amazing pictures. What else do you offer?
Julia: Originally, I founded the label less for the pictures, but rather for jewelry and fashion. At that time, I produced a lot of jewelry that I sold at parties. Then, I additionally designed accessories and started a clothing line. For example, I still accept orders for handmade caps, tobacco pouth and other stuff. Besides, I still create costumes and do the styling for performance artists. Bodypainting and tattoo design are also my passions.

x-working: What are the next steps? What do you expect from the future, where do you want to go to?
Julia: Out to the wide world (laughs). I would like to move into a bigger studio. So far, I work from home in a room. Moreover, everyone knows that it is quite difficult with that much material I need. I would love to travel a bit more and do projects in other countrys as well. One of my next bigger goals is to learn how to tattoo. Anyhow, with all this is very important to combine combine work and family. Overall I´d like to reach more people who I can inspire.

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