, 04. April 2017
Learning from Athens

Documenta 14 in Athens: the Opening Program

It will be the first time that Documenta will not only happen in Kassel, but also in Athens. For the 14th edition, the artists will be working in Athens from 8th April 2017 on, then in their original location as usual in July 2017. Now, they published the program for one of the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art.

x-working The Museum Fridericianum with Documenta banner, © Mathias Voelzke
The Museum Fridericianum with Documenta banner, © Mathias Voelzke

In July 62 years ago, the first Documenta opened in Kassel. Since then, the exhibition has become one of the most important ones in the world. Quinquennial, the event stimulates contemporary cultural production to go new ways. However, this year the Documenta itself is breaking new ground. It opens twice in a year - in Athens and in Kassel. Also for the edition in Athens, the names of the participants were a secret up to shortly before the event. Now Kassel shares the attention of the world with the capital of the Greeks. Therefor, "Learning from Athens" is probably the title of this mega show curated by Adam Szymczyk.

16,000 journalists in total are already on their way to Athens. In the middle of this week, they were invited to a preview before the expert audience could take a closer look at the "professional preview". Upcoming weekend, the gates will be opened for the public at around 40 venues. On 10th June 2017, the show will iterate in Kassel.

The Polish curator Adam Szymczyk chose the two ends of the European idea for his art project. Germany and Greece are in a charged relationship, which is concerned with economic crises, decision-making policies and dealing with refugees. This approach also reflects in the selection of the 160 artists.

For example, the performance of the Berlin artist duo Prinz Gholam shown at the Temple of Olympian Zeus animates through geometrical constellations and body movements to think about them. From April 9th on, the Scottish artist Ross Birrell will send four trail riders ​​on the 3000 kilometre route from Athens to Kassel for 100 days. The routes through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria were formerly trade links. Today, refugees take this way. Past and present touch.

Another highly anticipated performance is probably the one by Argentine artist Marta Minujín, named "Payment of Greek Debt to Germany with Olives and Art". "As soon as the sun shines through the galeries", the duo Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci invite you then to the National Museum of Contemporary Art to present their installations.

From April 8th to July 16th, 2017, the Documenta 14 will be held in Athens. The artworks are exhibited in public institutions, squares, cinemas, university buildings and libraries.

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