, 20. July 2017
Corpse of Salvador Dalí is beeing exhumed

Did Salvador Dalí have an illegitimate Daughter?

They eagerly await the exhumation of Salvador Dalí on Thursday evening throughout Spain. In the last few days, there was a tug-of-war of the authorities, whether the DNA sample of the surrealist artist will happen.

x-working Portrait of Salvador Dalí of 1934, © Carl Van Vechten / The Library of Congress
Portrait of Salvador Dalí of 1934, © Carl Van Vechten / The Library of Congress

In June this year, the Spanish woman Pilar Abel Martínez (61) filed a suite about the exhumation of the Dalí corps in order to draw up a DNA expert report. She claimed that the officially childless artist should have had a secret love affair with her mother in the 1950s. A judge allowed the lawsuit.

Abel Martínez is fighting for the right to bear the name of the artist. However, is probably much more about the million-gravity part, which would be hers with the certainty of being his daughter. Dalí, whose marriage to Gala (1894-1982) remained childless, left the state and the foundation "Fundación Gala - Salvador Dalí" his assets and rights to his works. She resisted the exhumation until the very last minute.

The corpse is located in the Municipal "Theater-Museum Dalí" in Figures. A one and a half tonne marble slab covers it. A team of judges and lawyers will be involved in the campaign and will seal off the public. According to authorities, a result of the DNA samples will be available in a month at the earliest.

Salvador Dalí died of a heart failure in 1989. He was a painter, graphic artist, writer, sculptor and stage designer. His artwork "The Stability of Remembrance", which he painted in 1931, is probably one of the most famous works of Surrealism and can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

We keep you up-to-date with the results. Stay tuned!

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