, 27. March 2016
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Wellness Products for Home

Trend researchers claim that life is less defined by what one owns, as rather by how one lives. The wellness movement will shift in the next ten years even to the own home. A healthy home is the challenge for interior designers of tomorrow. We present you the latest spa trends for at home.

x-working One cannot only relax in the sauna, it is even possible in your own home.
One cannot only relax in the sauna, it is even possible in your own home.

Bloc Blinds
Bloc Blinds is a British developer of simple, clever and innovative blinds. Bloc Blinds uses fine fabrics and creates solutions for any window and any situation. Custom printed surface patterns or pictures are possible, to thus bring one´s own style to the blinds.

Graham & Brown
Graham & Brown is an innovative US wallpaper manufacturer. The company was founded in 1946 and has offices today in France, Holland, Russia, Canada, China and Germany. Their wallpaper designs range from shimmering metallic wallpapers up to floral prints. A wellness factor on the wall, which is not to be underestimated for a beautiful home.

The London-based company mycocoon emphasizes the benefits of colour therapy combined with treatment, the light, colour and fabric. Their light chair treatment begins with a series of questions to identify the current mood of the user. Based on that a customized colour scheme is developed to equalize energies. The user lies on a sun lounger, embedded in LEDs, and is immersed in a bath of light.

The Belgian brand SmartSleeve has developed a range of wellness mattress covers that actively combats allergens in order to enjoy a healthier sleep. Thanks to a revolutionary knitting design all SmartSleeve mattress are ventilation and moisture regulative. However, the company even goes beyond: Some mattresses are treated with friction activating microcapsules reducing house and dust mite allergies through natural probiotics. Furthermore, there are also lavender or eucalyptus versions designed to enhance relaxation.

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