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The desire to furnish our homes not only practically, but also to set them nice makes us to interior designers. For sure, everyone knows about the peculiarities of styles in the architect's offices. However, we first need at least a little understanding in view of design to get the result of alterations to the apartment as we want. There are different styles in interior design, each of great significance.

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Classic Style

Art Deco
The Art Deco style has always been the result of a mixture of a variety of ways: At the center are Indian, Asian and African motifs of Egyptian art. It evolved in the 30s of the last century in Western Europe and America. Furniture of geometric shapes with strict vertical lines with pieces made of glass and brass and shiny fabrics are designed for this kind of elegance and charm. The main thing is that all parts of the interior are bright and well combined. Crystal chandelier, coffee tables with stone countertops and pantries with decorative elements in the form of diamonds could not be better suited for the living room in the art deco style.

Cost-effective layout fitted kitchens, pure color and black and white interiors, rounded furniture forms on thin legs, geometric prints and abstraction - that was the style of the 1950s in America. Minimalism is offered in internal spaces by the use of bright colors.

Rustic design is the European counterpart of the American country style with some differences. Low ceilings, small windows and neutral colors of natural shades characterize it. One uses natural materials in crude form for the interior in the context of the rustic style. The rough furniture are then often combined with elegant décor. The cozy and comfortable rustic style will always be in demand.

User-friendliness, style, comfort and elegance: Modern Art Nouveau style bears all good things in itself. Apartments designed in this style start with minimalism and sophistication. The main colour scheme is neutral colours with the addition of a light touch. Clear lines that meet the demand for space by equally sophisticated lighting characterize the interiors.

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