, 26. April 2017
Butterflies, great Colours and artificial Leather Surfaces

Design Trends for Home 2017

May is around the corner, the summer is approaching. Reason enough for us to put together the ultimate interior design trends for the year 2017.

x-working Butterfly patterns on pillows, designed by Christian Lacroix
Butterfly patterns on pillows, designed by Christian Lacroix

As for the colour scheme in the apartment, there is something new this year. Last year the soft pastel colours "Rosequartz" (baby pink) and "Serenity" (baby blue) were chosen as Pantone Colour of the Year. In 2017, the colour "Greenery" made the race. The airy light green stands for refreshment and revitalization. In addition to the new green a warm medium grey, taupe or a cool light grey, remain en vogue.

Fire colours, such as orange and red offer a good contrast and bring warmth into the living space. In the case of yellow, you should consider not to choose a bright sun yellow. Soft citron tones round the colour scheme off on the walls.

Another trend that has evolved this year, are butterflies. They are particularly popular on wallpaper, painted or as mini cardboard butterflies. Many designers now put butterflies in a picture frame as a deco or stick them on wind lights.

In the field of textiles, we recommend mixed patterns. This trend for the first time appeared at the New York Fashion Week last fall. Open and net-like structures with curtains leave the original function of a curtain on the left, but look more decorative. If you would rather look for opaque curtains, you should check the new, elaborately sewn fabrics, which offer an almost three-dimensional look through refined folding, gathering and stiching.

Overall, you can say that the increasingly conscientious consumption approach is also reflected in nowadays interior design. Natural materials are in high demand. Many plants in one's own home exude one's scent of life. As in previous years, African colours such as ocher, rust or burgundy are very popular. This design is present in many wooden elements in decoration and ethno-patterns, for example for pillowcases or blankets.

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