, 27. March 2016
Sleeping with a Difference

The craziest Hotels in the World - Part 1

Do you consider sleeping in normal hotel beds as boring? Then you are exactly right here. Learn more about the craziest or most luxurious hotels in the world. A dream of many architects, an El Dorado of interior design.

x-working There are many crazy hotels such as this tree Hotel.
There are many crazy hotels such as this tree Hotel.

Igloo Hotel / Lapland
One night for two under the stars? This is even better: The view from a glass igloo on the aurora borealis of the polar sky. Quintessentially romance. However, the Finnish Family Hotel offers much more. In addition to cabins, suites and a bridal chamber one can indulge oneself in the largest wooden smoke sauna in the world. Moreover, also the children's hearts have a reason to smile, because here Santa Claus lives in his big solid house in which there is space for up to 250 people. Whether for summer or winter holidays, from gold panning to ice hole diving, there is offered a lot. As a highlight, there are still insights into the beautiful surroundings of Lapland, not far from the National Park of Finland.

Desert Camp / Namibia
The Namibian camp virtually melts with the mountains of Damaraland and provides you with its elevated position a wonderful view across the flora and fauna of the desert, where among other elephants, rhinos and zebras cavort. Nevertheless, if you start thinking about a dim hippie camp, you were wrong enormously. Mowani Mountain Camp has twelve tented chalets. All rooms are equipped with double beds, a bathroom with shower and a private wooden veranda overlooking the valley. By booking a suite, you even get your own butler. The many excursion options let you dive into another world far away from home, whether you opt for a balloon ride over the valley or for an excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Twyfelfontein. Latter is a desert valley with a source, in which more than 2,500 rock engravings of several thousand years of history can be enjoyed.

Dog Hotel / USA
Here someone is probably gone to the dogs. The artist Dennis and Frances from the state of Idaho are both hotel operators and have come up with very special treatment for their guests. An oversized wooden beagle sits enthroned in the middle of the meadow of the Dog Bark Park. Via the the rump one reaches the sleeping area and further the first floor, a loft room with a double bed and little sawn wooden dogs sculptures on the walls. The artist paid attention to each detail, there are even biscuits in dog shape instead of simple chocolate bars.

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