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, 27. March 2016
Illumining the World with the right Lighting

The best US Designers in Respect of Lighting

One of the key elements in stylish interior design is lighting. Whether in a direct or indirect way, warm or cool, bright or dark, and large or small - with light, there are thousands of facets, how to make a space best shine. We have looked at the top designers from the United States in respect of lighting.

x-working LZF "New Wave" wood lamp by Ray Power
LZF "New Wave" wood lamp by Ray Power

Corbett Lighting
Corbett produces lighting for more than 40 years. Corbett Lighting provides excellent processing and has a keen eye for fine details and surfaces. From angular cut crystals to delicate Japanese papers, Corbett Lighting only makes use of the most refined materials to reflect the latest trends in fashion, design and lifestyle. Corbett Lighting received the ARTS Award of the year for lighting manufacturers in 2011 and in 2012. None other manufacturer has received this award before in two consecutive years.

Hudson Valley Lighting
For more than a decade, the New York company produces unique products of outstanding quality. Unique lighting designs from historical artworks to the modern such as lovely designs, fine finishes, hand-forged metals and strong artisanship evolve. From pendants, chandeliers, wall lamps to, more recently, table and floor lamps – a quality selection is offered at Hudson Valley Lighting.

LZF Lamps
LZF Lamps or Lucifer, as they were originally called, is a small company that stands for very special lights for very special people. Founded by Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill in 1994, LTE produces handmade lamps out of wood veneer. This material provides a high exposure to light, arising through the projection of the inner beauty of the wood and the emission creating a warm atmosphere. LTE has already won two Good Design Awards, two Design Plus Awards and one Red Dot Award.

Mathew Shively
Mathew Shively creates originals. He creates luxury furniture and lighting elements for stylish homes. His pieces start a dialogue. His perspective of luxury combines with functionality and playfulness. His lamps are all handmade.

The individual handcrafted lighting designs of jGoodDesign are sculptural, natural and playful-lively. The products take unique effect through the mouth-blown glass that interacts with light. jGoodDesign develop individual pendant lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights in its New York studio.

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