La Paila
, 10. September 2017
An exciting Artist from Colombia

Oscar Murillo. Going Forth: The Institute of Reconciliation

He goes beyond the scope of painting with his art. His artworks also include sculptures, installations and performances. Oscar Murillo, the young artist from Colombia, has carved out his reputation on the art market. His long-term project "Frequencies" is still running. We introduce the young artist.

x-working  Oscar Murillo, a futile mercantile disposition, 2016 (c) Dan Bradica
Oscar Murillo, a futile mercantile disposition, 2016 (c) Dan Bradica

Oscar Murillo grew up in the Colombian city of La Paila. When he was eleven years old, the family left Colombia and moved to London. Already early, the young Murillo noticed his artistic abilities. He worked as a cleaning force in order to finance his art studies at the University of Westminster. In 2012, he completed his Master's degree at the Royal College of Art.

His successful long-term project "Frequencies" has been running since 2013. For this, he let school desks cover with canvas. The 10 to 16-year-old students then leave their wears and tears of everyday life in form of scribbles or notes for six months. The project has been staged in almost two dozen countries. Murillo was represented with "Frequencies" at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

Already in 2013, Oscar Murillo met the world's most sought-after gallery owner David Zwirner. Zwirner operates top-class galleries in New York and London. In 2014, Murillo presented his opening exhibition entitled "A Mercantile Novel" in Zwirner's Gallery in New York. In 2015, the solo exhibition "binary function" followed in London.

The success of his paintings, sculptures and video performances made the world of art sit up. Within a few years, the young Colombian moved from New York to London and via Berlin to Japan. In Murillo's installations, the viewers finds themselves in a "clever and highly aesthetic field of tension around work and play, production and consumption, original and adoption, and the relation of matter and transcendence."

From 15th September 2017 to 18th March 2018 Oscar Murillo's work will be shown in a solo exhibition at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Here he exhibits heavy, partially attrited canvases painted with oil paint or hung up on the line. The "Frequencies" project in Munich will also be part of this exhibition.

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