, 17. September 2017
Sharp Tongues & sexy Lindner

The best Caricatures for the Bundestag Elections 2017

We hope that all Germans will go voting upcoming Sunday. While some of them are rather politically apathetic in view of their political opinion that the big parties were too cuddly and contents too close, others again think of giving their vote to an opposition party in order at least to ignite the discussions inside the Bundestag. Many caricaturists in Germany are at their best these days. We introduce the best party caricatures, you come to the caricatures via the links below.

x-working Cartoon for the Bundestag election, © Kostas Koufogiorgos,
Cartoon for the Bundestag election, © Kostas Koufogiorgos,

Klaus Stuttmann meets the opinion of the Germans to the point. In his caricature of 10th August 2017 he shows, beside driving cars on the roadside, the election campaigns of the different parties. Above the picture stands the sentence: "Election campaign in Germany means: Everyone burns a lot of coal for weeks, and in the end Merkel always wins!"

The caricatures of Jürgen Janson are highly topical. He took up the issue of the SPD polls last week. With the subline "Life is a roller coaster", he shows the survey values ​​of currently 20% for the SPD with a mining cartoon.

The Green Party
The caricaturist Marcus Gottfried focused on the Greens for his latest work on 10ht September 2017. His caricature is centered on the diesel driving ban in Germany´s inner cities. Two men stand at a bus stop on his caricature. One says to the other: "Do you remember? At that time ... the Greens! The liter of petrol for 5 marks! Those were the days!"

The Leipzig Schwarwel is a multi-talent. In addition to his passion for sharp-tongued caricatures, he is an illustrator, animator, screenwriter, director and producer of the studio "Happy Monday". He has already created some cartoons about the FDP, especially of the party chairmen Lindner. He addresses Lindner´s sex appeal. One of his caricatures shows an election poster of the "Free Democrats FDP". Lindner is on the poster, lying naked like an Adonis, grazing grapes and just covered with a fig leaf. The slogan: "Simply Lindner". Two women are standing in front of the poster saying one: "I think the FDP has strong arguments."

The Left
Markus Gottfried also took the campaign strategies of the social parties in addition to the Greens. On one of his caricatures, party members of the Left and the SPD argue who is the more social. A male of the AFD runs past you with the words: "Excuse me gentlemen! Do not let yourself be disturbed. I just want to pass quickly! "

The Stuttgart Kostas Koufogiorgos has already published his cartoons in numerous magazines and newspapers in Greece and Germany. In 2012 and 2016, he was honored with the German Prize for Political Caricature. An election poster of the AfD can be seen in his caricature. On the election poster is also a high mountain depicted and the saying "Fetch your country back!" A voter stands in front of the poster with the words "Get your geography book back!"

This was a small satirical selection of the best caricatures from current party election campaigns. The time will come next Sunday. You as a German can elect. x-working pleads at this point: Go voting! Your vote counts!

© 2017 – x-working

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