, 05. September 2017
Artist presents space-spanning artworks in Berlin

Haegue Yang comes to the Kesselhaus

Every year, the KINDL Center for Contemporary Art in Berlin gives an artist the chance to exhibit in the 20-metre boiler house. This year, the artist living in Berlin and Seoul, Haegue Yang, will present her space-grabbing artworks.

x-working Haegue Yang - Silo of Silence – Clicked Core, 2017 (c) Jens Ziehe
Haegue Yang - Silo of Silence – Clicked Core, 2017 (c) Jens Ziehe

Haegue Yang was born in South Korean Seoul in the early 70s. After successfully completing the Fine Arts College at the Seoul National University in 1994, she went to Germany. In Frankfurt am Main Yang became a master student at the Städelschule under Georg Herold.

Her conceptual installation art, in which often industrial series products are placed in space-grabbing order systems, is a typical style of the South Korean. For this purpose, she uses a series of media, graphics, sculpture, texts and productions. Everyday appliances, such as electric fans or infrared radiators, provide the viewer a sensual experience.

Already at the documenta 13, which took place in Kassel in 2012, the exceptional artist exhibited a dozen electrically driven jalousies that lifted, lowered, opened and closed. She is again working on blinds for the new exhibition from 10th September 2017 on in the KINDL-Zentrum in Berlin. Her installations are thought provoking to emphasize the rapid changes that industrial development is experiencing at the same time with digital development, especially in Asian countries.

The Kesselhaus of the KINDL center in Berlin equals a classic relict from the postindustrial era for the artist, in which her installations can experience its full unfolding. Yang likes such rooms. She recently exhibited at the former freight terminal in Kassel or in "The Tanks" at the Tate Modern in London.

The artist Haegue Yang was now honored with the Wolfgang Hahn Prize. The 10,000-Euro-Prize of the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne will certainly give the artist a boost so that her exhibition at the Berlin KINDL Center will be a complete success.

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