, 08. March 2017
Sacred Geometry Art on Skin - an Interview

Janey from the White Light Tattoo Studio in Berlin

She is an excellent tattoo artist who brings her customers the spiritual power of sacred geometry onto the skin. We introduce Janey from the tattoo studio Whitelight in Berlin.

x-working Janey from the White Light Tattoo Studio in Berlin
Janey from the White Light Tattoo Studio in Berlin

x-working: Janey, please introduce yourself!
Janey: I am Janey and I'm in the middle of the 30s. I experienced a lot in my life (laughs) and have been a artist for many years.

x-working: When did you start tattooing?
Janey: Upcoming May, exactly 10 years ago.

x-working: Was there any key experience or a turning point where you started thinking that you want to learn tattooing?
Janey: I think I was 17 years old when I first were exposed to tattoos. The tattooist of my former boyfriend asked me if I would like to become a tattoo artist and even let me tattoo on my friend´s belly. Those days I was in the middle of an education and said, "Yes, of course I would like to learn that. However, not now. I'm half a year before my exams and I'm not going to throw them!” At that time, my boyfriend did not have a job and I told him, “then you can do it in the meantime until I'm done with my education." And he did it, of course. Furthermore, when I was done with the education, I asked: "Can I become a tattooist now? Will you give it back to me now?" And he said, "No, of course not. This is my job now!" I never had anything to do with it. And when I met my husband, I asked him if he taught me to tattoo. He just taught it to me. When my son died then, I was very much immersed in this scene.

x-working: Your tattoo art belongs to the art style Dotworks, it often contains mandalas, geometric and ornamental patterns. Please let us know how you came to this style and what it means to you?
Janey: Technically, I have learned everything from my husband Slim D. All-rounder, so to speak. Since I am on my long-term journeys for meanwhile 15 years repeatedly in India, I am of course very well-experienced in view of my ornamental style. Based on a ritual, I eventually realized that everything is sacred geometry, and then I noticed that I probably do due to such sacred geometry. That is our being! I think this is related to it, because I could never explain to myself why I do it. I believe sacred geometry is present in any leaf, in any object. I think that is the key to why I do it.

x-working: Are there certain techniques in your art style? For example, specific tattoo machines that you use for your work.
Janey: Well, meanwhile, almost everyone is changing to rotaries. These are the quiet machines. However, I do not find it surprising, because everything changes over time (laughs). Actually, I am still happy to have the old school machines. For my style, working with dots it is not that suitable with the old school machines.

x-working: How do you regain your creative strength?
Janey: I do have a lot of hobbies and purposes in life. From time to time I go to India visiting the Ashram for meditation. I can draw strength from this source.

x-working: What are the next steps / plans for the future?
Janey: I love this work! Next to tattooing, I am active in the shamanic- therapeutic field and would like to dive here more into because it serves my healing.

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