, 05. January 2017
Stunning Bodypaintings

Guido Daniele and his animal Works of Art

Elected as one of the TOP100 artists for the field of modern art in the x-working survey, we now want to introduce the artist Guido Daniele. His bodypaintings on hands look deceptively genuine. Moreover, they contain of a political message.

x-working Guido Daniele
Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele was born in Soverato in Italy in 1950. He originally studied sculpture and went to India from 1972 to 1974, where he attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala. At this time, he started his first projects in hyperrealistic painting. He painted the so-called " Trompe-l'œil" for private homes or public buildings on walls, which produced a three-dimensionality through clever staged perspectives.

He has been using these techniques as a bodypainting artist for his "Handimals", with which he is now successful worldwide, since the year 2000. "Handimals" is a new word coining based on the English words hands and animals. Guido Daniele uses the anatomy of the arms, hands and fingers to bring his animal motifs to live. His imagery is breathtaking - at first glance, it is usually not obvious that there are actually hands.

It is a good thing that his painted reptiles, fishes, birds and other mammals meanwhile draw attention to animal protection on an international level. The fact is that thousands of animal species go extinct by human hands every year. For this reason, Guido Daniele also works closely together with the WWF environmental organization.

In addition, in the advertising industry Guido Daniele is a sought-after artist. In the course of his career, he has already produced numerous national and international advertising campaigns for brands such as Algida, Jaguar, Fiat, Nintendo and Panasonic, both - as a painter and as a bodypainter.

Guido Daniele, who exhibits his Handimals on touring exhibitions around the world, shoots a photo of each of his artworks to capture it for eternity. These are available on the website below. Here you will also find information about the next exhibitions and events of this outstanding bodypainter.

Have fun!

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