, 25. September 2016
Body Art Extreme

Bagelheads, Full Body Tattoos and Piercings

Their wearers refer to body art. For many, the extreme styles of body art, however, are rather creepy events. We present the trends of the body modification scene and look behind the curtains of extreme body art artists.

x-working Body Art Extreme
Body Art Extreme

Rick Genest is an impressive fellow in the body modification scene. Known as "Zombie Boy", the Canadian performance artist has also become a demanded model. The specific characteristic of Zombie Boy is that he is his entire body is tattooed with the design of a rotting corpse. In March 2010, Lady Gaga´s art designer and stylist Nicola Formichetti became aware of Rick Genest and hired him for Thierry Mugler´s fashion show. In 2011, Rick Genest got an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition to his tattoos, Zombie Boy has undergone a tongue splitting and he wears as septum piercings and a bridge piercing.

Another extreme example in terms of body modification is the Mexican Maria Jose Cristerna. The housewife and executive calls herself "Vampire Woman". Moreover, she looks really give us the creeps: Horns sprout from her forehead, she has deep holes in her earlobes, nose and eyebrows. Therefore, her titanium implants could be integrated at all, she had to stretch her scalp. Furthermore, she also has fangs and her body is tattooed to more than 90 percent. Maria turned as such, because she wanted to turn her inside out. She was exposed to domestic violence in her family. Today, she is publically committed for victims of domestic violence. In addition, she has four children and runs a jewellery shop. She was happy today, she says. And, she is an ordinary housewife.

There are many bizarre adjustments body artists do to stand out and be different. For example, a trend of Japan. For the so-called "Bagelheads" youths plump their foreheads with a saline water solution. Meanwhile, the thumb is pressed to the forehead, to create a hollow in the centre. The whole adjustment unfortunately only remains for about ten hours until the body has absorbed the saline. The swelling then diminishes.

When it comes to piercings, no one deludes the American Staysha Randall. With 3200 piercings, she stands in the Guinness Book of Records. The body artist Bill "Danger" Robinson stabbed many piercings in her arms, legs and her back.

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