, 06. January 2018
On the Way with Mademoiselle Malou and Christina Becker Photography

Behind the Scenes of a 50s Pin-up Shooting

Our friend from Berlin, Mademoiselle Malou, visited us in Cologne this weekend. Today in Bochum, she has a 50s shooting with photographer Christina Becker for the English magazine BoudoirZine. Reason enough for me to attend the shooting spontaneously and to gain further insights regarding the world of professional photography.

x-working Mademoiselle Malou, Christina Becker and Sonja Bachmann at the studio Joilite in Bochum
Mademoiselle Malou, Christina Becker and Sonja Bachmann at the studio Joilite in Bochum

Mademoiselle Malou has already been modeling for eleven years. Her focus is on pin-up images and vintage photography. She has already participated in calendar shootings, she created charity photos, she modeled for the shop "Pretty Little" in Panketal and she stood in front of the camera for numerous classic car shoots.

She is invited to a 50s shooting in the studio Joilite in Bochum today. The studio is perfectly set up for the shoot. Colours are bright, the furniture are magnificent and remind of the splendid baroque style. An ornate brass bed with bright fur blankets completes the ambience. In addition to Mademoiselle Malou, three other beautiful models are beeing shot: Lily Porcelaine, Frollein von Fuchs and Madame Donna de la Miez. At the end of the session, I had the pleasure to take an interview with photographer Christina Becker:

x-working: Hello Christina. Thank you very much for being here with me today. With which three words would you describe yourself?
Christina: Chaotic, creative and passionate.

x-working: hat delights you most doing your business?
Christina: That you always meet new people with whom you can always create something new.

x-working: Who or what inspires you?
Christina: There are really many aspects. Not necessarily just photographers right now. However, from a photographic point of view, there is Silvana Denker. She is one of the most well-known German plus-size models and photographer. She launched the Body Love Campaign and helped to make women feel comfortable no matter what dress size they wear. In addition, there is Ava Elderwood from Hamburg, who also photographs thematically matching pin-up, as today.

x-working: Who are your desired models? With whom would you prefer to work with?
Christina: I have never framed myself in this context. Nevertheless, in recent years there have been more and more pin-up models. There is sometimes something going on internationally, too. Lily Porcelaine from France was also there today. Last year I was in Sweden. This year, it is time to again shoot in Sweden. Although it is a kind of a hobby, I am also very busy with photography.

x-working: The 50s look inspire today´s shooting. In which magazine can we admire your photos from today and when?
Christina: That will be the BoudoirZine from England. I got the chance to publish pictures for the third time there. This time, it is the first cover shooting. It will probably appear in February 2018.

x-working: Thank you very much Christina for this interview, we wish you all the best for your future.
Christina: Thank you also very much and all the best.

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