, 05. October 2016
Welcome to Paradise!

The Ozora Festival 2016

The Ozora Festival takes place in the small town Ozora with 16,000 inhabitants south of Budapest since 2004. This year the festival organizers again invited to the common dancing, partying, creating, inventing and relaxing in their paradise in early August. Approximately 40,000 festivalgoers, psyfreaks, hippies, artists and visionaries accepted the invitation and made Ozora for a week to a place of freedom this year.

x-working Ozora Festival, picture by Bobby C. Alkabes
Ozora Festival, picture by Bobby C. Alkabes

The Ozora Festival always tries to be a place where a parallel existence of peace-loving people can exist for at least one week a year. Even if you walk through the gate with the inscription "Welcome to Paradise", you get the principle of the festival along your way. This year's theme was " The Roots ur us", which is intended to mean that it is a natural instinct to seek one´s own origins. The festival supports this search by offering age-old crafts techniques or forms of movement, as well as healing methods in numerous workshops. It has created many places: Herbs and plants are grown in the "7 Headed Garden", for example, and are served in "Tea Shack" as wholesome tea for free to visitors. In the "Pyramid" spiritual body-and soul-techniques are practiced in dance, - in addition Thai massages, Ayurveda treatments, aromatherapy and more are available in the "Healion". In the "Chambok House, imaginatively painted from inside and outside, readings and discussions are held. In addition to a playground for kids (Bushyland) and a circus, in which artists perform their shows to the best, theatres and art are written in capitals (Theatre, Mirador, Artiban) at the Ozora.

Apart from all these cultural and artistic opportunities to let off steam on the Ozora, there are of course trance experiences in and with the music. Some artists, who performed on the grand festival, are pioneers and great innovators of the genre. Therefore, Goa Gil played, as early as 2015, a 24-hour pre-set. The "Baba" of the Goatrance enchanted the powerful thatched Chill Dome in an energetic ball of beats and spheres two days before the official start of the festival. Further grandeurs of acid house, techno, trance, psytrance or ambient as MixMaster Morris aka. Irresistible Force, The Orb, Biosphere, Murcof, Simon Posford and Raja Ram of Shpongle, Shiva Shandra, Hallucinogen, Logic Bomb and many other sound artists sent the masses into transports of joy.

Besides the fascinating fire shows that took place next to the main stage and in front of the Chill-Dome every night, you could let you sink in the stunning decoration of the magically lit stages. Colourful, glowing from inside within crystal fabric formations in small forests, a "transform Tunnel" dipped in black light pointing the way to the huge dance floor of the main stage - all this and a lot more was to discover at the Ozora 2016 this year.

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