, 16. January 2016
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Âme is the German duo Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. Inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, WestEnd Rec, Transmat, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock, they produce Detroit-oriented Deep House - music with soul.

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The first time the paths of the producer duo crossed in 1999 in their hometown Karlsruhe. Here they met in Kristian Beyer`s record store " Plattentasche" and started talking about Chicago House, Detroit Techno and many more. While Beyer at that time already as a DJ toured around the country, Wiedemann rather preferred to produce sounds than working with turntables and mixer. Back then Wiedemann already managed to become a part of the prestigious "Future Sound of Jazz" compilation series with his solo project "Soul FC". Their interests were the same, thus in 2003 they coalesced as Âme.

Their sound appeared as soulful Disco House and joined the Jazzanova-label "Sonar Kollektiv". In spring 2003 the first album "Sarari" was released by Âme. The subsequent releases were a resounding success and the two were promptly hailed as a newcomer. In 2005 with the piece "Rej" they then made the ultimate breakthrough. The track is played up and down by countless DJs around the world. In the following years, they compiled two mix albums for the record label "Lingerie Recordings". On there they mixed deep House sound of artists such as Tokyo Black Star, Phonique or Marcus Worgull. On the second part of Sonar Kollektiv among others Chateau Flight, Coldcut, Carl Craig and Atjazz were mixed. In 2005 Âme founded its own label "Innervisons".

Âme`s ability to merge together as DJ duo, are outstanding. They do not rely on the fulfilment of trends, but they rather have their own interpretation of dance music. This comes across in a successful way and gets highlighted by the great demand around the world. Their regular nights take place in clubs like Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Fabric (London), Trouw (Amsterdam), Lux (Lisbon) and Air (Tokyo). But the highlights of their DJ marathons are regularly exceeded at the Innervision nights in their beloved Panorama Bar (Berlin).

Since 2009 Âme has been performing with the musicians Henrik Schwarz and Dixon under the project name "Inner Visions Orchestra" and "A Critical Mass". With them, they also released the mix album "The Grandfathers Paradox".

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