, 21. August 2016
Love, Fantasy and Dream

The French Band Air

Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel produce dreamy music. With their debut album "Moon Safari" in 1998 they set new standards in the world of the electronic melancholy chill-out scene. In the bars and living rooms the world of Air sound could no longer missing. We introduce the duo.

x-working Air

Before Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit ("JB") Dunckel came to the gentle synthpop sounds, they tried indie rock. At that time still with the two Frenchmen Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crécy. They called themselves during their student days "Orange". Unfortunately, the band then remained without success, after which Alex and Etienne went their own ways. Nicolas and JB stayed together and fiddled while studying architecture and math / physics alongside to sound collages. With the new name "Air" their debut single "Modulor Mix" ended up being launched on a compilation of the Parisian dance label "Source". After other singles the record deal with "Virgin" was closed. With the first album “Moon Safari” Air celebrated incredible sales success: over one million copies were sold within one year. "Our tracks are like dreams, we want to escape from reality", Dunckel said about himself.

In 2001 their second album "1000 Hz Legend" was released. This one notices, no doubt, that the duo wanted to leave its fluffy image that arose out of the millions success. Gloomy and kept experimental, the second album was not that great success. With the third album "Talkie Walkie" the French again in 2004 hit the mark. The audience responded euphorically to this release. The delicate singles "Alpha Beta Gaga" and "Cherry Blossom Girl" also remind the recipients back more to the softpop sounds of Moon Safari and refresh the memories of the former success.

In 2005, the synthpop duo was given a special honor: Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel received the French Order of Arts and Literature ("Chevalier des Arts et Lettres") from the French Minister of Culture. The request of the singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, who wanted to win the two artists as composer for her new album, was a great honor for Air. Live Air performs in the old manner. With Moog synths, Wurlitzer and other analog instruments they rock the big festivals in the world. We hope to get further guided through many soundscapes by this duo.

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