, 16. August 2017
Celebrating and Discussing over five Days

c/o pop invites you to Cologne again

It's that time again - the c/o pop opens its doors from 16th – 20th August. The program, which is presented in the top locations, can be seen. The c/o pop convention takes place parallel to the c/o pop festival, on 17th and 18th August.

x-working The electro band Moderat will play the opening concert on today´s Wednesday, © Birgit Kaulfuss
The electro band Moderat will play the opening concert on today´s Wednesday, © Birgit Kaulfuss

More than 80 bands, artists and DJs from all over the world will be playing in over 30 locations across Cologne on five days. The mega-pop festival is the successor of the Popkomm, which moved to Berlin in 2003. The c/o pop takes place in Cologne since 2004. In addition to very well known bands such as Moderat, that will play the opening concert at the Tanzbrunnen on Wednesday at 8pm, many other young musicians will also play the program.

The venues will be the famous concert halls, clubs and bars of the city. These include, among others, the Odonien, the Stadtgarten, the Sendesaen of the WDR, the Tanzbrunnen and the Gloria Theater.

This highlight will be the "Super Saturday" this year, where the Belgian Quarter and the area around the Stadtgarten and the Hans-Böckler-Platz will become an open-air stage. The concerts of the 48 bands at 23 locations are free on this Saturday. Among them there are the singer/songwriter Ilgen Nur, The Other Shi and Erregung öffentlicher Erregung.

The c/o-pop convention taking place parallel to the festival deals with the state and future of the music industry. Every year, around 1,000 professional visitors are beeing expected to attend the event, who will dive into exciting discussions and networking. Major questions of the music business are beeing answered here such as: How can I earn money with music without a record contract? How do I benefit from streaming?

The federal government supports the c/o pop with over 1.5 million euros over three years. Moreover, the schools of the city will participate during these music days. This week, the music teachers will dedicate themselves to the topics of how their students as digital natives can approach to produce using a software.

© 2017 – x-working

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