, 27. September 2016
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Terence Fixmer

Terence Fixmer is one of the greatest characters of the techno scene. Here the Frenchman did not reach his popularity over excessive promotion or mainstream tracks. He always stayed in the Underground scene and reached worldwide Techno fame this way.

x-working Terence Fixmer
Terence Fixmer

As early as 1993 Fixmers first production under the alias Cyborg on a Belgian label appeared. In 1996, the French producer and live act founded the label "Attack Records", two years later he coined the label "Planete Rouge". He finally reached his breakthrough in the techno scene permanently in 1999. He released his debut album "Muscle Machine" on the label "Gigolo Records" by DJ Hell. The album caused a true wave, because it united Electro, Industrial, EBM and techno to a closer to dancefloor EBM style called "Techno Body Music". Tracks on this album such as "Electro Static", "Body Pressure" or "Electric Vision" were big hits and are still classics. Since the success of this longplayer Terence Fixmer is one of the most sought-after DJs and live acts of modern techno.

In 2003 again a cross-genre production was released. Fixmer teamed up with the "Nitzer Ebb" singer Douglas McCarthy. Together they drove the genre of techno-EBM to a maximum and produced two albums: "Between the Devil" (2004) and "Into the Night" (2008). The duo since then performs their energetic live sets in a variety of prestigious clubs and numerous festivals around the world. They form a bridge between the techno scenes on one hand side and the EBM / gothic scenes on the other hand side. Respect is given to them for the effort, to ongoing produce new merging tracks in the tension between the more aggressive Techno Body Music and the sensitivity of Electronica.

Over the years, Terence Fixmer again began solo projects such as his fourth album "Comedy of Menace" under Speedy J`s label "Electric Deluxe". The following albums of the French producers were true techno albums - dark, hypnotic and energetic. His last album "Depth Charged" was released in early 2015 on Chris Liebing`s label "CLR".

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