, 28. May 2016
Shut Up and Dance!

The Ragga Twins

They are the historically crazy jungle men who have already given their groove for the best across all electronic, dub and drum `n` bass arenas. After in the past it has become quieter around the London UNITY sound system veterans Deman Rockers and Flinty Badman a.k.a. The Ragga Twins, they again want get started fresh in 2016.

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The Ragga Twins are considered as pioneers of the early jungle sounds of the 90s. In 2008, Soul Jazz Records published a compilation album (Step Out) with shots of their early 1990s. In particular, the cooperation with the label "Shut Up and Dance" was very important here.

Since 2001, the Ragga Twins, who are called David and Trevor Destouche with real names, have been teaming up a musical relationship with the jungle trio Aquasky that evolved with the titles "All In Check ft Cogee" and "Loko" on the label "Botchit & Scarper". Since the collaboration worked very well, the Ragga Twins together with Aquasky consequently released a series of 12" singles on their Passenger label from 2002 on. At that time, there were already new tracks for the upcoming 601 album "We Do Bass" and for the compilation album of Ragga Twins 2002-2013 in place.

In 2012, the Twins even a film appearance. In this highly acclaimed film by hip-hop artist "Plan B" with the name "Ill Manors" they played minor rolls. In 2014 they then recorded the tracks "All is Fair in Love at Brostep" and "Ragga Bomb" for Skrillex`s debut album "Recess" and thus enabled the American electronic music producer a good start in the London Drum `n` Bass scene. Last year Skrillex then released a remix of the track "Badman", which caused more than six million SoundCloud clicks ahead of the original publication. A reggae core that makes its way through repetitions with dancehall vibes and a smooth dub rhythm pillars the melody.

Almost daily, the Ragga Twins play on the radio station Kool FM London. Moreover, performances in the London electro club "Fabric" are common. This year the jungle stars will return to the big stages. After they have celebrated their 25th anniversary in London last year, the pioneers of jungle will play on the Splore Festival in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2016.

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