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The History of Drum'n'Bass

The name goes back to the early Drum'n'Bass 90s in England. At a speed of 160 to 190 BPM, the British breakbeat scene developed a new style of music that continues to evolve to this day. Those days many artists published their music on sometimes very unknown, own independent labels.

x-working Drum'n'Bass is preferably still played on turntables.
Drum'n'Bass is preferably still played on turntables.

Initially Jungle was the common term for the fast breakbeat sound, which grew out of the hardcore. Characteristic for Drum'n'Bass is the omission of the samples in the main portions of the tracks and the use of old synthesizer such as the Juno 106 and TR-606 from Roland. This gives the music its dark and gloomy charm. Also for example, wobble basslines that are providing the music hard beats and hard basses are thus a striking feature for an enormous danceability.

With "Goldies" album "Timeless" and the track "Terminator" in 1992 Drum 'n' Bass got a face. The head of one the most influential Drum 'n' Bass labels "Metallheadz" sent DJ`s such as "Kemistry & Storm" to the clubs in the world and intended to rough up the underground scene with its raw and futuristic sound.

From the mid-90s, then corresponding sub-genres, such as recordable Two-Step, Liquid Funk or Jump Up developed. These sub-genres usually came along with reduced Drum'n'Bass beats or melidiösen Parts.

The musical style spread quickly and was used, for example, in commercials and therefore got more and more popular. Additionally, also the world of pop discovered the driving beats and tied them as remixes or Drum'n'Bass elements into their repertoire. But, the tracks were then but still only in England for a chart position ready.

The scene attaches great importance to further development of its music and the sound. Pioneers like the Ragga Twins, DJ Hype or Roni Size who were already present in the early days of Hardcore and Jungle scene, now make up a completely different music than earlier. Nowadays the Drum 'n' Bass grooves no longer usually consist of sampled drum loops, but they are moreoften produced from scratch. Drum'n'Bass has multiple scenes, for example the one in Germany, in the USA or in South America. The center of the sound continues to be England, especially London and Bristol, where to today the underground celebrates massive partys with pumping baslines.

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