, 27. March 2017
New DJ Equipment and Controller

Highlights of the Musikmesse Frankfurt

This year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt am Main will open its doors again from 5th to 8th April 2017. While the classical music fair will take place on the west side of the exhibition grounds, the Prolight + Sound Fair will be held on the eastern site from 4th April 2017 onwards. Today, we introduce you to the highlights out of the section DJ equipment and DJ controller.

x-working The new Numark NS6 II, thanks to Oliver Munyak, (c) Numark
The new Numark NS6 II, thanks to Oliver Munyak, (c) Numark

This year, the halls were changed for the DJ equipment section. Nevertheless, the booths of Pioneer, Reloop and Ableton invite to new highlights. At some stands, DJs will then show the new technique live on site. Whether DJ controllers, turntables, DJ mixers, DVS, CDJ or headphones. There is everything for the modern DJ!

Numark NS6 II – 4 Channel DJ Controller
The new controller of the American manufacturer will present a stand-alone 4-channel mixer with a double USB connection this year. These two USB ports can be connected with two laptops, so a clean handover between two DJs can be guaranteed. You switch by simply pressing a button. The included Serato DJ software in full version enables simultaneous playing on all four decks. A further highlight of the controller is the capacitive touch technology with which the jogwheels correct itselves. The technology recognizes any touch. For example, the EQ configuration can be controlled with the fingertip, furthermore spontaneous effect controls become possible. The device will cost about 950 euros. However, this high-tech tool will not be available in the specialized trade until Q3 2017. Check the new Numark NS6 II out at the Musikmesse in Hall 5.1 at booth B45.

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 – Sampler
The new sampler of Pioneer is already available since summer 2016, but it is still a hot, fair worthy device. It offers 16 sampler engines, analog filters and a quantization via Pro DJ Link. The tool can also be used without a laptop as an independent sound generator. The Toraiz already comes with 2 GB samples by Loopmasters. You can easily create patterns with the 16-step sequencer and you can trigger loops on the coloured pads.

Pioneer XPRS Series - Active Speakers
The high-performance active loudspeakers come with a compact, portable and wooden housing. The reliable, energy-efficient performance of Powersoft Amps offers a versatile plug-and-play system that delivers a clean sound to the room. Check it out in Hall 5.1 in the crossing to 6.1 at booth A03.

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