, 01. October 2016

Guides for Berlin´s Club History

The cultural scientist Eberhard Elfert knows the Berlin club scene from the past and today like the back of his hand. For this reason, he leads interested tourists and locals on three different bike tours to the legendary clubs of the capital, showing the change, which goes along with the club hike.

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Along with the voice of the night scene, the Club Commission, the historian Elfert founded Klubkultour earlier this year. This is to show how closely history, urban development and musical culture lie down together in the capital. There are three club tours to show where the scene hangs out these days, how the old sites developed and how the club culture in Berlin has established an international flair in between easy-jet-party tourism and Berghain.

The first tour called "Berlin club culture from 1990 to the present" (Saturdays at 14 o'clock on the Leipzig/corner Wilhelmstrasse) leads from Potsdamer Platz to Kreuzberg. Here the history and development of club culture is described and it is shown how many clubs (Tresor, E-Werk, Exit or Ostgut) had settled in the border area.

The second tour "Club culture between Underground, Easyjet and architectural icons" (Saturdays at 14 o'clock, Sredzkistraße, entrance Kulturbrauerei) takes the cyclists from Prenzlauer Berg to the center. During this tour, gentrification on the example of Prenzlauer Berg becomes clear. It also shows how and to which extent the locations of musical culture have changed in the course of 25 years.

Who in turn would like to know where one currently celebrates straight forward in Berlin, should take a closer look at the third tour "Celebrating straight forward - The alternative to any pub crawl". The meeting point is at the Moritzplatz in front of the construction home, Saturdays at 22 o'clock. The route leads from Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain, shows the migration of clubs, and leads to the new locations, such as the Berghain or Kater Blau.

The tickets for a tour make 13 Euro, reduced 11 Euro. However, one needs to bring one’s own bicycle.

When Eberhard Elfert travels his tours, he is a cultural historian. Only sometimes he slips in his exciting stories and mentions a "We". For him it is especially important that a cultural memory of the city with electronically produced music is recognized by his tours. A great thing that we can highly recommend!

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