, 14. April 2017
When Film breaks new Ground

How Virtual Reality revolutionizes Storytelling

Men always wanted to create virtual realities. The technical development now makes it possible to create virtual worlds comparatively easy. Innovative business models conquer the advertising world. We provide you some exciting best practice examples in this article.

x-working Creating virtual worlds is now easier than ever. © MoBen
Creating virtual worlds is now easier than ever. © MoBen

Microsoft: Fragments
The game "Fragments" by Microsoft was created in partnership with Asobo Studio from Bordeaux in France. The user plays a detective looking for evidences to solve a murder. The fantastic thing is that objects can be scanned in the game. HoloLens can recognize furniture and create life-size holograms of game characters. For example, a new character can go into the room and the hologram can then salute. Such everyday interactions lead the player alongside the story.

Within: The Evolution of Verse
Within is one of the world's leading VR storytelling studios. They have developed a series of short and functional VR tales covering fiction, books, or animations. In "The Evolution of Verse", only sound and surrealistic images impress the audience. There are no dialogs. Graphics and audio elements work perfectly together. Volkswagen
For the team at, it was about making a new VW model come alive for customers in an effective way. For this, users no longer have to go to the dealer, they only need a VW-branded cardboard and the specifically developed "SeeMore" app. Customers can view the new car in a 360-degree mode, go on a test drive or tailor the model according to their own requirements.

Project „The Wait: Inside the Lives of Asylum Seekers in Germany“
The prestigious UC Berkley Graduate School of Journalism in California took up the issue of the refugee flow in Germany. In impressive 360-degree worlds, they tell the story of migrants. This approach primarily intends to convey a deep sense of German reality to the users.

The Guardian: 6x9
In 2016, The Guardian created a virtual reality experience called 6x9. Its goal is to communicate the audience the feeling of beeing imprisoned in a solitary cell. The according VR app tells the story concerning psychological damage that can be caused by such an isolation.

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