, 28. May 2016
The Way of a Mega Group

Apple is 40!

It has been a long way the company Apple has gone so far. On April 1st, 1976, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer. The word "computer" in the meantime was neutralized from the corporate title. Because Apple has become much more than a computer manufacturer.

x-working The Apple headquarters campus in Cupertino, California.
The Apple headquarters campus in Cupertino, California.

The idea for the company Apple came from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In partnership agreement each hold 45 percent of the company - Jobs as Head of Marketing and Wozniak as Head of Electrical Engineering. The remaining 10 percent got engineer Ron Wayne working at Atari that time. Wayne also designed the first shareholders' agreement, the first logo of Apple and the first ad for the Apple 1.

Money was tight at the founders. By the help of credits and the sale of Job´s VW bus, they could produce the first board for the original Apple. Steve Jobs thought about the name Apple after he returned from an apple orchard in Oregon. Ron Wayne then designed the logo, which showed Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree and reading a book. Steve Wozniak that time tinkered on the Apple 1. This computer was developed based on 6502 of MOS Technology with 8 KB dynamic RAM. Steve Jobs meanwhile landed the first order for $ 50,000: Paul Terrell, owner of a computer store wanted to sell 100 Apple computer at a price of 500 US dollars.

Ron Wayne got cold feet and already shortly after founding again rose out of the shareholders' agreement. Today he is a speaker for investments on the go and gives webinars about his adventures as Apple founder. The adventure for Jobs and Wozniak went on. To develop the Apple further, they needed money. Mike Markkula by chance came over to the garage of Jobs` parents in Los Altos and bought one-third of Apple´s shares in October 1976 for $ 92,000, and promised to invest further 250,000. Markkula was then the pulse to employ Michael Scott as an experienced manager for Apple, to take the company forward. Outwardly, Steve Jobs represented the shop, who was always a bit in front of the computer giants IBM, Intel and Microsoft with his visionary business ideas.

It went well for Apple in the early 80s. To ascend to the first league of the US Company, Jobs hired the well-known Pepsi co-manager John Sculley in 1983. With him short time later there resulted large differences, so that Steve Jobs got out of his own company. Sculley and his team in consequence did not succeeded in stopping the triumphant advance of Microsoft. Following the introduction of Windows 95, the market share of Macs shrank to a single-digit percentage. Apple was about to go bankrupt. The former Apple CEO Gilbert Amelio brought Steve Jobs back as a consultant. A year later Jobs then supplanted Amelio from his position as Apple CEO and first renewed the computer models of Apple. The first iMac (1998) with its consistent Internet orientation and its futuristic designs became a bestseller. In 2001, the innovative iPod arrived on the market. It was suddenly so easy to have thousands of songs for one´s way. Moreover, iTunes thus offered an alternative for illegal downloads.

When in 2007 the iPhone was released, there was no doubt that Apple has grown to a mega-corporation. Whether and how long Apple can stay at the top, will mainly depend on the sales success of the iPhone. It remains exciting whether the Group manages to once again completely revamp a new market almost ten years after the introduction of the iPhone. Perhaps through the Apple car? We will see!

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